Hugh Pope (1930-2006) was van 1958 tot 1968 verbonden aan de Universiteit van Harvard en werd in 1968 aangesteld als hoogleraar Turkse Geschiedenis aan de Universiteit van California Los Angeles (UCLA). In de nacht van 3 oktober 1977 werd er een bomaanslag gepleegd op zijn priveadres door Armeense terroristen. Nadat Shaw in 1997 emeritus werd aan UCLA, voegde hij zich bij de academische staf van Bilkent Universiteit in Ankara als hoogleraar Osmaanse en Turkse Geschiedenis tot zijn dood in 2006.

Zijn bevindingen:

"The Entente propaganda mills and Armenian nationalists claimed that over a million Armenians were massacred during the war. But this was based on the assumption that the prewar Armenian population numbered about 2.5 million. The total number of Armenians in the empire before the war in fact came to at most 1,300,000 according to the Ottoman census. About half of these were resident in the affected areas, but, with the city dwellers allowed to remain, the number actually transported came to no more than 400,000, including some terrorists and agitators from the cities rounded up soon after the war began. In addition, approximately one-half million Armenians subsequently fled into the Caucasus and elsewhere during the remainder of the war. Since about 100,000 Armenians lived in the empire afterward, and about 150,000 to 200,000 immigrated to western Europe and the United States, one can assume that about 200,000 perished as a result not only of the transportation but also of the same conditions famine, disease and war action that carried away some 2 million Muslims at the same time."
Hugh Pope, Sons of the Conquerors: The Rise of the Turkic People (Cambridge 1977) p. 315-317